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College Counseling

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With a student/counselor ratio of 40:1 和 a college counseling relationship that begins at the end of sophomore year, Berkeley students have an advantage as they enter the world of college admissions: personal attention 和 continuous guidance through what can be a confusing 和 very competitive process.


The Bray College Counseling Center team focuses on the needs of individual students 和 their families. Parent education begins in ninth grade with a series of coffees, information sessions, 和 other programs. As the process gets underway, our College Counselors spend time having thoughtful conversations with students, encouraging them to consider the characteristics 和 qualities of a college or university that might be most important to them, the environment that might be most conducive to their continued academic growth 和 maturity, 和 a school that will allow them to maximize their considerable potential 和 attain their future goals. The team offers extensive workshops throughout the summer for rising seniors to develop essays 和 begin individual applications, ensuring that each student will successfully navigate the application process 和 continue to achieve academic success well beyond Berkeley. 


To read the list of the prestigious colleges 和 universities that our 2024 graduates are attending, click on the College Matriculations tile below.

“We measure the success of a year by our seniors’ ability to think broadly about the opportunities available to them. Our goal is to help each student develop a thoughtful list that leads to choosing a school that feels like the best fit for them. We encourage students to ask tough questions that will point them in the right direction, do some serious self-evaluation, 和 apply to colleges 和 universities that will truly be the best matches. The college application process can be incredibly stressful for students, but we want the process to be rewarding, 授权, 和, 如果可能的话, 有趣的. The process is a partnership between the student, 家庭, 和 college counselor, who is in place to offer guidance, 经验, 和洞察力.” —坎普Hoversten, Director of College Counseling 





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