一个女生, 独立的, Episcopal day school in Tampa, 佛罗里达, educating students in pre-k through twelfth grade


Berkeley’s comprehensive music program is accessible to all students, regardless of their experience, 能力水平, 和利益. Our goal is to enrich the lives of all students through a meaningful music education by providing an eclectic and all-encompassing curriculum. Below, learn more about how music is taught in each division.

音乐al Groups and Performances





Jalen Li ' 19


During his time at Yale University, Jalen Li ' 19 acted as the music director and pit orchestra conductor for their production of “The Addams Family.”


His experience in pit orchestras for many of Berkeley’s Middle and Upper Division productions prepared him for this challenging leadership role. 



The 音乐学院’s vision is to enhance our students’ musical endeavors through enrichment opportunities such as private instruction, 室乐团, 组织经验, 大师班, and specialized workshops. Through a college preparatory approach, applied studies are taught by professional musicians from across the Tampa Bay area to coach and prepare our students to reach their full musical potential.


Private and 组织经验 are offered on campus to accommodate the schedules of our students and their families. Whether it is in preparation for contests, 试镜, 独奏表演, further advancing one’s skills, learning a new instrument, or simply enjoying making music, private and 组织经验 are for anyone.